Tuesday, November 6, 2012

REnewed Effort - the challenge begins

Leah Piken Kolidas http://creativeeveryday.com/ has the annual November art challenge.  I decided to join the challenge this year to try and build my practice of creativity of any shape or form through whimsy and whim.  

Since late October I have been working on a 5 x 7" pieces of art per day.  I have a pile of "little art" but I have slacked off a bit this past week.  With that said, Anthropologie http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/index.jsp,  near my house, have offered a workshop to build items for their winter window display.  Stacy the creative director of that particular store is building a winter wonderland of paper.  It was totally fun.  In fact, it reminded me how much I love to just play and create pretty things.  Here are the results of my efforts:

The Cupcake!

Top view of the Cupcake.

Winter Cake!

The theme for Anthropologie window displays this year is winter animals and forests made entirely of paper.  You should see the polar bear - life size!  I couldn't take a picture of it.  In anycase, we were taught how to manipulate the paper to create cupcakes, cakes and macarons.  I would love to work for the Anthropologie Art directors. Whoa!  Can I dream?

Okay,  this week I hope to get back to my 5 x 7" art - a - day practice.  I am also playing with patterns to make coffee cup protective sleeves out of pretty fabrics and crochet.  Hope to show you results soon.


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