Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am inspired by:

The natural colors of linen and natural fibers

They remind me of a quiet morning on a winter's day and yet the crisp coolness we seek on a hot summer's day.  I have been living in my condo for two years and never did anything to personalize it - decorate it.  I have just been living in it, filling it to the rafters and now overwhelmed by the lack of space, too much stuff and just uninspiring to be in.  So, new year, new plans and new hope.  1st order of business - wreck and order - weed the garden of my groaning shelves, drawers, closets and cabinets.  2nd order of business - review my idea board I started last year for decorating the house.

Greys, neutral cool and warm colors keep showing up as my palette with hints of bright colors. I also like dark colors - rich and creamy.  I have an eclectic nature in that I love vintage and modern together.  I love the mix of shabby chic with Parisian urban styling.  I like mercury-like glass, china, sliver and pewter, dark woods and black painted furniture.  Yep, eclectic.    Now, how to achieve all this...on a shoe string?  DIY - most definitely on painting and crafting soft furnishings.


All of this will take some time and probably the whole year to complete but it will be a work in progress - an artistic endeavor and hopefully I will love it.  I am the worst about making decisions about colors on my walls.  I know what I want but will it look good?  Friends say - "You won't know until you get it up there and heck you paint over it if you don't like it."  Keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Images from Northern California

Coastal Northern California can be very beautiful during the winter - even without snow. The mornings are often veiled in fog or mist. The sun rises in icy pink on a cadet blue sky. The moon shrouded in clouds - very quiet and mystical.

Trying my hand at photography this year, too. :)

Getting the ball rolling!

So, my goal this year is to revive up the 'creative life'. That means not just doing art but also being creative in every aspect of my life - putting the 'J' back into Joy! Sewing is one of my creative talents that I actually enjoy once I get a project going. I started the year off with a quickie project:

I was invited to a 1930's Lounge party on New Year's day. What to wear? So, the week before the event I pulled out some fabric I found at Joanne's - yes, Joanne Fabrics had this period-like print! I then used the Decade of Style pattern for 1930 Kitchenette Pajamas. It went together rather well and was a hit at the party. I felt really comfortable and it was fun to wear. The party, itself, was delightful - everyone was dressed in 20's to early 40's lounge wear - food and 'beverages' abounded! Amazing how energetic folks were after New Year celebrations that went into the wee hours of the morning!

On my sewing list this January I am to make an 18th century traveling outfit for a day by the sea on Feb 6. I belong to a fabulous group called Les Societe des Lumieres and we engage in 18th century events and learning about the social history. Our first event this year is to go to the Pelican Inn (a replica 18th century coaching inn) at Muir Beach for nuncheon and tea.

Prior to that I need to make a 1940's day dress for the Art Deco Society's Membership Appreciation Party on January 24th. As a member of the board of the ADSC, I want to look vintage - well, since I am 54 (in a few days) so I guess I am pretty vintage

Art has been happening as well. I am really excited about the renewed energy I seem to have found where I can balance my work, social and creative life with the mundane domestic routine thrown in there. I therefore hope to post more this year.

As things come up I will post and look forward to your comments and notes. Thanks.