Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finding inspiration

I have been at work finishing up before vacation starts at 4:00 tomorrow.  Yippey Skippey!  I have pretty much completed wrapping up things before I leave.  With that said, I have been...dare I say it?  Surfing the net and finding so many talented and exciting folks!  My goal for doing this?  I want to re-kick start my creative life.  No more putting things on hold.  No more putting my creative life on the back burner.  I am struggling with how self focused that sounds but frankly, I have been a pillar of salt for everyone but me.  So, finding balance is what is I must achieve.  It is my Capricorn nature to be of use to others - my practical nature puts business before pleasure.  However, there is a side to us that is down right mischievous and playful but we often lock it up.  Open the door and throw away the key!  I am out and ready to shout to the world I am a CREATIVE person and I will live it, dance it, sing it, love it and enjoy it.

Okay, who did I discover in my wondering around in the electronic ethers?  Well for starters: This is a great site with tutorials and all but unfortunately she has stopped blogging.  She will be keeping her site up for reference.  If you are into creative handsewing - check her blog out.

Then there is, I love vintage clothes and styling and this blog is loaded with images and ideas.  She provides tutorials for sewers and crafters all with a vintage lens!

Through MollieMakes Magazine I found, What a lovely site - all things bright, sunny and fun. 

I have been inspired by these wonderful people and hope to let the juices ebb and flow naturally.  One thing I am working on is a studio space in my house.  I am all over the map in my house when I am sewing and crafting, baking and drawing.  Too crazy for me when I start tripping over materials, bags, the cat and all.  I like things to be organized and methodical so I am trying to reorganize my house so that I can have a permanent space for being creative.  I checked out: where I found some other links and ideas.  I have a small 10 x 10 foot square space - my dining room is open to the living room and kitchen.  It has two walls on is all window.  No carpet but hardwood flooring.  Though I have been planning to convert a corner and wall in my living room, I am thinking more and more that the dining room (where I usually end up anyway) has better lighting, no carpet to stain or mess up and space to house furniture, et al.  What will I do for a dining room?  Well, the living room is big enough that I could set up a double drop leaf table that can be whipped out for dining at any time.  I can't seat more than 6 at my table in this small place anyway so dining entertainment is limited.  I hope to post pictures of my pre and post organizing and decorating as I go.

I think good lighting, organized materials and a table surface at least 31" from the ground is the start of a good studio whether sewing, crafting or whatever.  What do you think?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer time and the living is easy!

Hello, hello!  I have returned as the crow flies.  Work has over shadowed my life but I am free and easy.  I have a job, so I am blessed.  I am enjoying a well earned vacation and I am simply dying to get back into the groove creatively.  So thank you for hanging in there for me.  Will post soon.