Friday, December 17, 2010

Guess what I found?

There is a very odd sensation when find something that you had literally forgotten about.  Not like the box of photos you haven't opened in year but you know what is in there.  You can picture it in your mind.  The sensation when open a box you have walked by for 3 years not given it a second thought to pull it down in a whorl wind of cleaning and open it.  What do I find?  UFO's - but wonderful UFO's that really brought me joy when I was working on them.  Most of them are textile related and just unfinished.  I sat there for an hour - instead of cleaning - going through 3 round hat boxes filled with various needle work projects.  The majority of them were the results of a couple of classes I took at Thimble Creek .  The projects were a 9-patch quilt top - all it needs is sandwiching and quilting. A felted wool applique project.  Just needs to be made into something.  And, the other project was a needlepoint tea cozy I started as a Christmas present, what 8 to 9 years ago.  (A little embarrassed there).

The other project was an art-quilt-a-week project I started in 2007.  I was getting into art-quilts at the time and I wanted to make a quilt a week so there would be 4 quilts for each month.  Seasons was the overall theme.  My love of nature and biological illustration prevails through all of them.  I stopped in May...I got a new job, and my life changed especially when I moved and went from a 2 bedroom place to a one bedroom abode.  No more studio space.  Sigh.

Here are some the best samples of what I did.
Winter #2
Early spring

Spring #1
Spring Equinox

Summer #1
Summer #2

There are more but these are the ones I really liked myself.

Actually after the hour of looking at what I had done, I decided, hey, I am not so bad!  I can actually create good work.  Why am I so hard on myself all the time?  In anycase, I am looking forward to the new year once the holiday crafting and creating comes to a close to get back to figuring out my creative genre.

 I want to concentrate on one genre because I often spread myself thin on a number of artistic genres and not do any of them well.  Since I love working with textile ( I am very tactile) I love to draw and paint.  I love mixing and putting together (mixed media) - why not put it all together?  Art quilts or mixed media paintings may be the way to go or start.  So, dear readers - a new release on my creative life.  A new opportunity to give my creative life a specific objective.  No deadlines just plain experimentation, playing around and having fun.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stalled again... :(

Dear Readers - I am stalled again.  I have read articles that say if you are not producing then perhaps your heart really isn't in this.  Really?  Yet, something inside says I am not done.  There is more to come, wait.  Be patient.  Whispering hope.  Well anyway, that is why I haven't attended to this blog in a while.

Will the holidays spur some crafting and then some art and then....