Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little creativity - Good medicine for the soul

Out of my sadness for what happened to me last week, I turned to a bit of creativity to heal and sooth my nerves.  So, for Valentines day I created little heart ornaments out of paper and added a few pink, red and white M&M's and sealed it in a bag.    They went over really well at work, everyone appreciated the gift of my love.

I have also been catching up on my art journaling here are some of the finished pages since January 1:

This journal entry isn't done but is reactive to my experience last week.  I will upload the finished week when I can.

In any case, for me art and being creative is very soothing and yet enriching.  It is meditative and yet instructive.  Art in its various forms and outcomes is just plain feeding of my soul and spirit.  When I get cranky I turned to something creative to do with my hands.  Cooking something can often fill the void, too.  Cheers!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

From adversity comes healing through art

My week began beautifully after a great sunny weekend.  Yet, the unexpected curves in the road sometimes bring you right up to a challenge or obstacle before you have time to think.  For me it was having my laptop literally yanked from my lap and hands as I was sitting enjoying the sun and working on an email.  The attack wasn't expected of course and it leaves you feeling pretty low.  I was not hurt and though it made some problems for me at work, the computer is less important than my well being.  With that said, I stayed home from work and began regrouping with some art work.  I woke up and decided that I needed to be creative and get myself back to a centered way of looking at life and move forward, so I started working on valentine gifties for my colleagues and I also worked in my art journal. I cooked food from scratch and played with the cat.   No pics yet, but I hope to have some to post tomorrow if not Saturday.  There is a quote - which I can't remember who said it and the exact wording but it goes like this:
Forgive but don't forget.  If one forgets, one loses the lesson.   The lesson: being more aware of my surroundings.  Also, from adversity there comes a strengthening of the fibers and forgiving prevents me from stewing as I am sure they (my band of terrorists - there were 8 to 10 of them ) think I am doing.  I won't let them still my Joy.  Cheers.