Monday, May 18, 2009

Stalled but thinking...planning

My hands have not been idle but they are involved in other projects that are not art related. Can you say - blocked? I am just not there for some reason. I am not with the art vibe. I keep painting journal pages one spread after the next but nothing comes to me. I figure I would take many creative people's advice and cover the scary blank pages with paint and see what happens.
So, what has happened is I seem to be content to study various 'how to books' like the wonderful publication of Jane Davies'. Hoping for inspiration. The sparks are being nurtured.

In the meantime, I am working on a different creative endeavor all together. Yes, it is creative as my dearest friend Catherine has said many times. I am building an 18th century gown from scratch. Yep, for me not a doll. I belong to a group called La Société des Lumières. A group of women and men who love all things French and 18th century. We are having a picnic this coming weekend and I don't have a stitch to wear. Mmmmm...perhaps that is where the artistic juices are going? I have the sewing skills and costume design skills - so I guess I am indeed engaged in the art of designing clothing of another time. Will keep you posted.