Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiny art, big learning curve!

ATC's - Top left: Spider; Top right: Batty flight
Bottom left: Comfort me with apples; Bottom right": Black & White

ATC's are a wonderful way to play without the scary expanse of a large canvas or format.
The ATC's above were part of a group that I began a week or so ago where I played with different bits and pieces and techniques within a small space. I just wanted to 'do' something and I wasn't ready to dive into a huge long term project. So, I got cracking on these 2.5" x 3.5" canvases (actually chip board).

ATC's - Top left: Water Fall; Top Right: AutumnToile
Bottom: Lady of the house

These little pictures were fun to do since I didn't have an agenda or expected outcome. I could just explore, play and make it up as I go. I used paint, images and bits and bobs. During the process I tried to think about color, texture, and composition. How did I succeed in these areas?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Nature has many surprises!

So when you look at this image (above) what do you see? A ghost? A swirl of spiritual mist appearing real and solid only to elude your grasp? Well, nature can surprise you. I was holding one half of a mussel shell - while zoning out in front of the tube (when I should have been doing something creative - sigh) and I turned it over to see revealed this image! I found this shell on my walks along the beach and harbor near my home. I have had this item for months and never noticed until my mind was quiet, not really listening to the video I have seen 100 times - and bang there it was a ghost's imprint - could it be the imprint of the soul of the mollusk left behind?
This is what the whole shell looks like.

So, how does this inspire me? Well, if nature gave me the gift of creativity and then this little ghost has a reminded me of this. So, though I don't have anything to show for my effort yet, I actually turned the boob tube off and pulled out the art supplies that I recently and neatly reorganized so I could find them and got cracking. I just played - no agenda - just played all afternoon. It was a beautiful autumn afternoon in California and I just played.

Nature keeps it real for me. Nature keeps me looking, smelling, tasting, feeling and listen. Food for art and thought is right there everyday - enjoy it.