Monday, November 14, 2011

Art Every Day Challenge...challenging...

At Creative Every Day,, Leah has continued her November challenge to do art everyday.  She never waivers from supporting us in doing what we can, when we can and share. Though I  struggle with getting something 'arty' in everyday, I did come up with a autumnal collage for my kitchen.

I have a linen covered mood board that I have used to pin up images for redecorating my house.  I took those down and have begun a journal of ideas.  The blank linen has been staring at me for a while.  Then the November Art Every Day came up and I was thinking of things to do.  Well, why not create a mood board for the Thanksgiving holidays and the wonderful autumn we are having in California?  So, I did.  Here is the result:

I source the images from my favorite magazines like  Country Living (British) , Marie Clair Idees (French), Country Home and Gardens (British), Martha Stewart Living and many of the Stampington magazines like Somerset Life.  Putting this together got me in the fall spirit and a creative mood.  Thanksgiving is around the corner so I am planning to apply my 'art everyday' in a culinary way as well as decorating my house for the event.  A process to be sure.  Then, on 'black Friday' I plan on staying home where it is safe and begin decorating for Christmas!  So a possible mood board change to come.