Saturday, July 9, 2011

July - Creative Everyday Theme: Blue

One of my blogging groups is Creative Everyday - Leah Piken Kolidas' website  She gathers like minded folk around being creative everyday and encourages us all to exercise our talents and share them.  She provides themes to stimulate those of us who are looking for a direction to take off on to and for those of use who are blocked or sluggishly procrastinating getting into our studios.  In anycase, I finally have gotten past my block and thank you Leah I produced something!  The theme being blue I did a collage using phototransfer, rubber stamping and adding type.  Here is my first effort in a long time.

"Awake, O north wind...Blow upon my garden, let its fragrance be wafted abroad." - The song of Solomon

My summer vacation has begun with blue skys and warm days that have been long awaited.  Given that California has experienced the coldest and wettest year so far and last summer was a precursor of it, I thought this collage spoke of clear summer days with lazy clouds and winged spirits free to soar.