Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Making the time

As you know in my last post I enrolled in Leah's Art Everyday This Month Challenge and though her encouragement and words of wisdom where keeping my mind on getting something done everyday, I just didn't follow through for one reason or another which I won't bore you with here. However, with the holiday's coming up the spring in my mental step is getting lighter and more joyous.

I did manage to do three pieces in the last week or so.  Two of the pieces are did on the same day.  I found two sycamore leaves and I did one watercolour interpretation and then I got an idea to use the embossing powder to stamp the venation and then add the color in.  The first was I think successful, the second, I learned from and want to try again.  Here they are:

Watercolour with a bit of colored pencil

Embossing powder to capture the venation of the leave then applied watercolour.
 I think that the venation on this particular specimen was not definitive enough to make a clear print so it looks a bit mushy.  What do you think?  Suggestions for those who make prints with embossing powders?

The next piece I did last night.  It is of sea urchin skeletons. I used watercolour pencils to sketch in and create the regular and bumpy surface of these wonderful little gems.  I really need to work on my camera skills when taking photos of my work.  Just bought a book on this.  Gotta get reading and playing.  

Many Blessing to you all this Thanksgiving holiday.  I am thankful for the global community of creative people who are willing to share their expertise, encourage and support each other as we find our way on our life long journeys.  Thank you and best wishes to you and your families.

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  1. Ooooh, those pieces are gorgeous!!! Truly beautiful.

    I always say, don't beat yourself up over what wasn't done, but celebrate what you did do (which it seems like you're doing!) :-)