Friday, July 17, 2009

Challenge - Recycled Junk

The finish recycled junk clutch.

Sample of melted plastic sheet with paint.

The challenge was from Mixed Media Monday and here is my entry. I used a technique I found in the January/February 2009 Issue 22 of Cloth Papaer Scissors. The article was called Paper & Plastic by Alisa Bruke ( You take plastic grocery bags and essentially melt them into one sheet, paint the sheet and embellish the new fabric and turning it into something else useful. I made a small clutch purse. I lined it in muslin, quilted it after using liquid acrylic paints. The paints did chip off a bit when sewing so definitely put a clear coat of varnish on after you sew it. The varnish will not be good for your sewing needle. It was fun and a good way to kick off my stay'cation (vacation at home). Enjoy.