Monday, July 9, 2012

Housekeeping: Bookcases redone

In an effort to make my home the creative and comfortable place I have dreamed it to be, I have begun the process of weeding out clutter and reorganizing my storage units around the home.  I also have been thinking of ways to redecorate the place in a style that was easy to keep up and provide the beautiful surroundings I desired.  Among many,  I have two old bookcases that I originally stained white and were now pretty tired looking.  Now, let's back up a bit as there is a history - albeit brief - on why I am even fixing a beady eye on the bookcases at all.   Here's what happened:

My condo sustained water damage from an up-stairs water heater.  Two weeks later living room corner walls had been torn out, dried out and reconstructed.  In preparing for that I had to pack up books, china and sewing/art supplies.  As I was planning to put it all back, I decided to use the paint the constructions guys left behind to refurbish the two small bookcases that I planned to keep.  In general, I find that painting furniture is a tedious business! I prayed that it could be done in two coats.  The bookcases are totally made of wood - no composite anywhere - and I was able to do the painting in two coats of interior semi-gloss paint.  However, the backing is just plan rough plywood which would take a lot more effort to get a smooth paint job done.  How could I do finish this project without going to any expense or more time?  Light bulb went off!    I had an 18th century print shelving paper that I had not completely used.  So, I pried off the backs, measured out the shelving paper, peeled off the backing on the paper and smoothed it down with a brayer.  I folded the edges over towards the back which would not be seen.  Then reattached the bookcase back to the cases.  They came out pretty good!  Here is one of them:

This is the shelving paper pattern I used.  It is a pale grey on an off-white background.  Very subtle.

The book cases redone.
As I am going for a Gustavian-French urban country look (yeah, that is a mouth full), having white bookcases is part of the picture.  I was very proud of my make-do and mend effort.  Besides I was in luck that the workers left the 3/4 gallon can of paint behind, so there was no cost to me at all.  Everything that was used was on hand.  Expenditures:  $0.00  :)


  1. Great job making the most of what you've got.

    I'm always amazed how much damage water can do, but then I remember the Grand Canyon. What is the most *fluid* form of power. It's amazing.

    1. thanks J.D. It was fun. Your reference to the power of water! This situation created an opportunity for me to finally start decorating my place. Thanks for visiting. Come back again.

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