Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiny art, big learning curve!

ATC's - Top left: Spider; Top right: Batty flight
Bottom left: Comfort me with apples; Bottom right": Black & White

ATC's are a wonderful way to play without the scary expanse of a large canvas or format.
The ATC's above were part of a group that I began a week or so ago where I played with different bits and pieces and techniques within a small space. I just wanted to 'do' something and I wasn't ready to dive into a huge long term project. So, I got cracking on these 2.5" x 3.5" canvases (actually chip board).

ATC's - Top left: Water Fall; Top Right: AutumnToile
Bottom: Lady of the house

These little pictures were fun to do since I didn't have an agenda or expected outcome. I could just explore, play and make it up as I go. I used paint, images and bits and bobs. During the process I tried to think about color, texture, and composition. How did I succeed in these areas?


  1. You succeeded and then some, m'love! I came over here from Creative Every Day and have to say OOOH! La la la la!! Lovely!

    I especially love the Manley quote ATC and the Comfort me with Apples ATC.

    Inspiring... thank you!

    (and blog spot isn't liking me to comment lately, so I am going to let you know, this is Julie Jordan Scott commenting... and a link to my most Creative Every Day blog may be found here:


  2. beautiful work!!! I'm loving the atc with the crow.

  3. Thanks ladies for visiting and taking a look. Any suggestions on how to photograph and up load to my blog? I scanned these on a photocopier and sent them to myself and then downloaded them as jPegs. Not sure if that is right way to do it. My photos don't come out good enough. Anyway, any suggestions are great. Thank you.

  4. Hi - love your atcs. Glad you're finding time. Really envy the "walks along the shore." I'm working on possible present stuff. Not sure anyone else will like them. Hey, Happy Turkey Day. I'm doing a little "What I'm Thankful For" book - to remind myself.